Purpose of website

•    Maintain a current database of meetings in our District.  The goal is to have only active meetings in this database.
•    Let people know about events that are going on in our District.  Events can be posted on a calendar and emails about the event automatically sent out to other people who are registered on this site.
•    Give District members a place to work together as groups, especially for projects or committee work (with whatever privacy settings are desired.)  
•    Post schedules and volunteers contact information for “Hospitals and Institutions” work.
•    Distribute our Newsletter, when it is actively being published.
•    Let District A.A. members know who is filling each service position as a “Trusted Servant” and which positions are still unfilled.
•    Provide reference materials pertinent to District service work.
•    Communicate to the San Antonio Central Service Office those who want to receive Hot Line phone calls in our District.

24-Hour Help Line

(888) 816-8800
For the counties of:
Bandera, Gillespie, Kerr, Kendall, Kimble

Legal Notice

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