Get Involved

Our AA program teaches us by suggestion that part of recovery is to be of service. There are many ways to be of service.

Be a sponsor for newcomers or for those needing a sponsor

Not all of us are well-suited nor ready to sponsor others but there are other opportunities to help:

  • Volunteer at the Group level
  • Adopt a Home Group; make a group the one you regularly attend and support
  • Attend meetings consistently and regularly
  • Contribute to the Group when the basket is passed
  • Attend your group's Group Conscience meetings
  • Serve as an officer of your Group
  • Help clean up after meetings: trash, coffee, arrange chairs. Only takes a few minutes
  • Offer rides to members without transportation
  • Be a greeter at meetings as members and newcomers arrive; talk with newcomers
  • Make coffee
  • Serve coffee
  • Chair meetings according to your group's guidelines
  • Attend Birthday meetings and bring a covered dish
  • Celebrants can help prepare the room and clean up afterwards
  • Celebrants are encouraged to donate a dollar for each year of sobriety to the General Service Board
  • Update meeting lists

Some members prefer to become involved at the District level. Our District serves a number of AA groups in nearby communities as well as our own. Here are some ways to provide badly-needed help at the District level:

  • Volunteer to receive calls from our Hotline
  • Take meetings to hospitals, rehab centers and institutions
  • Take meetings to jails and/or prisons
  • Provide public information
  • Maintain accuracy of meeting lists
  • General District Website maintenance
  • Work on the Newsletter
  • Help with archives
  • Attend monthly District meetings
  • Serve on Grapevine advocacy committee
  • Interact with professional community


Many groups have various activities for fellowship. These activities don't exist without some effort on the part of members. You can volunteer and serve in these activities. For example:

  • AA Birthday celebration meetings
  • Barbeques
  • Picnics
  • Dances
  • Annual Hill Country AA Roundup

The Basket

When the basket is passed at meetings, Groups love cheerful givers. You may be interested to know that in 1935, members tossed a dollar in the basket as it went by. Many members realize the inflation that has grown since 1935 and how group expenses have increased and contribute accordingly.

Here's how the money gets used in a typical Group:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Coffee
  • Paper goods
  • Literature, chips and supplies
  • Travel for officers to attend important conferences

Most Groups maintain a Prudent Reserve. This is a 'safety fund' for times when attendance and contributions are light. These Groups compare the checkbook balance with the Prudent Reserve at the end of each quarter. If there is more money than the Prudent Reserve, that difference is usually divided by a predetermined percentage among the District, Area and General Service Board. Since Groups are non-profit organizations, they do not maintain a “profit”. Surpluses are sent on for use by those otherlevels.

The District, although made up of volunteers, has expenses:

  • Sending people to educational AA conferences and workshops
  • Buying Big Books and literature
  • Hosting conferences
  • Maintaining the Hotline expenses
  • Website development and maintenance
  • Printing and distributing meeting schedules
  • PO Box Rent
  • Facility rent

24-Hour Help Line

(888) 816-8800
For the counties of:
Bandera, Gillespie, Kerr, Kendall, Kimble

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